COVID-19 UPDATE:   Unfortunately, clinic appointments are no longer available, only home visits.  We currently have limited capacity for new clients and new seniors are being prioritized, but please call us to discuss your needs. 

COVID-19 safety procedures are still in place.  For details, please see the COVID Safety Plan published in our SERVICES section.  

Soothing Hands Shiatsu provides pain relief for back problems, neck and shoulder pain, joint stiffness and injuries using the traditional Japanese technique of shiatsu therapy. Shiatsu therapist Sharon Bidder gently uses her thumbs and palms to apply pressure on selected points of your body to release muscle tension, relieve pain and promote speedy healing.

Whether you are an athlete, a senior, a tired mom, sit at a desk or work your body hard all day, shiatsu therapy can soothe away your pain.  A gentle alternative to massage, acupuncture or chiropractic treatment for stress related conditions, soft tissue and joint injuries and many chronic conditions, shiatsu therapy usually improves flexibility and mobility immediately.

“Thank you Sharon. A combination of ongoing arthritis and a twisted knee kept me off the squash court and hockey rink for over a month. I was getting restless with recovery and decided to try out Shiatsu. After only two sessions with Sharon I could start to feel the pain lessen. Sharon also provided me with practical exercises that I did daily and after the fourth session full relief from the day to day pain. This allowed me to get into the gym to strengthen the knee. I am now back playing squash twice a week and hockey weekly. I am looking forward to doing the grind on a regular basis this summer. I recommend a Shiatsu treatment by Sharon. – Dave Watson, North Vancouver”

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