In Pain from the Rain?

November is here and so is the Vancouver rain season!  Already, just last week one of my clients was complaining about stiffness and pain on the left side of her neck, down her shoulder and upper arm. Why?  Because she had been walking around town all day long holding up an umbrella!  Yes seriously!  So here’s a tip – if you are having to hold an umbrella up for a long period of time, try using one that has a nice long handle.  That way you don’t have to hold your arm up so high like you have to with one of those short telescopic umbrellas.  A longer handle brings your arm down.  And make sure you’re elbow is tucked in close to your body, not sticking out.

Of course, I was able to release the tension in my client’s neck, shoulder and arm quite easily with my shiatsu skills.  No more muscle stiffness and pain, despite the neverending rain…

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