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Shiatsu Therapy Senior Services

Sharon Bidder of Soothing Hands Shiatsu specializes in treatments for seniors. She has a great deal of experience providing pain relief to seniors suffering from the many conditions of ageing including problems such as:

  • Back pain
  • Neck/shoulder pain
  • Hip / knee pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Edema

Seniors enjoy this traditional Japanese massage technique from Soothing Hands Shiatsu for a number of reasons:

  • Shiatsu therapy is a very gentle therapy, yet it is extremely effective for pain relief and increased mobility
  • Patients remain fully clothed during the treatment, so no need to worry about the difficulty of changing for treatments
  • Soothing Hands Shiatsu has a mobile service for treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home
  • A $20 discount is offered to seniors to ensure pain relief is affordable (e.g. 60 minutes treatment: regular price $90, senior’s  price $70 incl tax)

Whether you require regular treatments for pain management or just a few treatments to recover from an injury, Sharon will use both her shiatsu skills and her understanding of the specific needs of our older citizens to provide help wherever you need it.


To reduce the number of clients and homes visited, Soothing Hands Shiatsu (SHS) is only taking a limited number of new clients.  Clinic appointments are no longer available.


Clients will have 3 layers of protection during their treatment.

Face Cradle:

  1. The base layer will be a fabric face cradle cover.
  2. The second middle layer will be a disposable face cradle cover.
  3. The third top layer will be the client’s own personal face cradle cover.

Soothing Hands Shiatsu will ask you purchase your own personal face cover that will be provided by SHS.  Please use this face cover for every visit and wash it after your treatment.  A one time $6 charge will be added to your bill to cover the cost of your personal face cover which will then be your item.

Body Protection:

  1. A disposable sheet of paper will be placed on the massage table.
  2. A clean sheet will be placed on the table for the client to lie upon.
  3. A clean oversheet will be used on top of the client’s body once settled onto the table.
  4. A clean blanket will be opened up and used for each treatment, if required.

Arm Rest:

  1. The base layer will be a fabric towel.
  2. The middle layer will be a disposable cover.
  3. The third top layer will be the client’s own towel.


  1. The massage table will be disinfected prior to the treatment.
  2. At the end of the treatment all used linen will be isolated from clean linen and the table will be disinfected again. 
  3. Clean linens are used for every client and all linens are isolated after each treatment and cleaned daily with bleach solution as per guidelines from BC Ministry of Health. The massage table and accessories are sanitized between each treatment and also at the end of each day.
  4. The therapist will perform a daily self health assessment. If the therapist is feeling sick appointments will be cancelled.


Clients will be asked to complete a COVID-19 Health Questionnaire prior to each treatment requesting information about travel, COVID-19 exposure, current symptoms etc. If the client is feeling sick the appointment will be cancelled. All clients will wear a face mask, cloth or disposable, when the presence of the therapist (SHS can supply a mask if the client does not have one.)

The therapist will wash hands upon entering.

The therapist will be wearing a mask, face shield and gloves throughout the treatment.

If the client requests, the therapist will use a disposable gown.

The therapist will sanitize hands prior to leaving.

If you have any COVID-19 safety concerns please feel free to call and talk about your concerns.

Mobile Treatment Service

Shiatsu treatment for pain relief, injury recovery and
chronic conditions in the comfort
and convenience of your own home.